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What in the fresh hell is a Locksmith Coach? And WHY do I need one?

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Jayson Wolbert is THE Locksmith Coach.

I want to help you build an empire and leave a legacy.

Working with a coach will benefit you and your company. A good coach can accelerate the level of achievement in your business, and in your life. A good coach can help you make better decisions and provide the tools you need for success. A good coach can help you learn to make choices that create an effective, productive, balanced and fulfilled life. Just about every high-performing person in the world has a coach in one form or another. (Ophra, Taylor Swift, Scott Hamilton, Tiger Woods, The Rock. They all have coaches) All of the top level performers know that having someone they trust who provides good advice is necessary to maintain high performance.

Jayson is well known for his 100% authentic NO-BS approach to business coaching. He dedicates his time to helping the underserved blue-collar business owners.
Jayson grew up just outside of Nashville Tennessee. Jayson often tells stories of how he worked in the family locksmithing business, and how it was was heartbreaking watching his Dad struggle trying to grow the small business. Jayson noticed it wasn’t just his Dad’s locksmith business that was struggling. MANY locksmiths in the area seemed to be barely squeaking by. It seemed like those guys were always working, seldom if ever would they take a vacation. Most of them would retire and die penniless. In many cases their families would have to sell everything they could for pennies on the dollar, just to pay for the funeral expenses. It was disheartening seeing veteran locksmiths across the Nation struggling.
Jayson decided to find a better way. Because the average locksmith couldn't teach him to become successful. He sought out coaches and mentors like Darren Hardy, Dan Kennedy, Russel Brunson, Ed Mylett, Andy Frisella, Michael Burt, and yes even Grant Cardone. and started investing heavily in personal development and coaching. Jayson paid thousands to learn about sales, marketing. He studied the work of Dr. Dan Ariely, Dr. Daniel Kahneman, and Robert Cialdini PH.D to learn about neuroeconomics and psychology of sales to learn "why people buy". He learned the art of "Verbal Judo' to tactically argue. He studied the Psychology of money, to learn why money meant different things to different people. Armed with this knowledge, Jayson busted his ass and built a wildly successful locksmith company. Jayson became well known as one of the top locksmiths in the country building a net worth exceeding a million dollars.

Jayson has never said he is the "BEST", or "MOST SUCCESFUL" Locksmith, and often mentions several other locksmiths he feels are super successful. He believes there is just a self-sabotaging mindset within the profession that prevents many from becoming truly successful.

From new startups to well established businesses, locksmiths from all across the nation have turned to Jayson to help grow their businesses.
Although Jayson keeps his client list confidential, and is pretty selective in who he will work with as the locksmith coach he can say he has changed several lives through his coaching. 
While he has helped more than a handful of locksmiths become millionaires, the ones he feels lead to assist the most are those making 65K a year or less. Jayson has several case studies where coaching clients have gone from 45-65K in yearly sales to well over 100K in sales in under 24 months. 

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Let's change your mindset about MONEY. 
Your family deserves a better lifestyle.

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