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The Next Level cruise Company


Jayson Wolbert is the owner of Empire Lock & Safe, a wildly successful locksmith company in Nashville TN. (The locksmith the Tennessee Titans turn to when they need a locksmith). Discreet Pain Relief, an online CBD / Delta 8 company. The Fucking Funny Shirt Company. Third Monkey Marketing, an out of the box marketing company. Jayson is an expert at sales and marketing, developing successful business models and relationships, building brick-and-mortar as well as online direct-to-consumer retail businesses. Jayson commonly speaks on building a brand and creating a fanatical culture that drives customer loyalty. Most of his talks are about 30 to 45 min. He loves to allow time for questions and answers after. Most people attending his talks have taken away proven strategies that they can immediately plug into their businesses.

Jayson is known to tell it like it is ... on everything. Sometimes He'll use adult language, a.k.a. "bad" words, while speaking. Although he doesn’t do it in a derogatory manner, Certain people hear a bad word, and it triggers them and offends them. In some cases, this might cloud their minds and keep them from being able to absorb the lesson being taught.

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