Jayson giving his $10,000 box presentation.

 If YOU were given the opportunity to buy a magic box that gave you $10,000 what would that box be worth to you?

Are you ready to become the most


Hi, I'm Jayson Wolbert, The "Blue Collar Business coach"  I can help you grow your blue collar business.

I focus on helping the "under-served" Blue Collar business owners.

I CAN help you grow your service based business, lets get away and talk about it. 

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My Services.

One on one.

Growing and sustaining your business starts with learning how to run your business.  

This program is ideally suited for solo- professionals and early revenue growth businesses.  You will learn and put into practice the fundamentals for running and growing a profitable, sustainable business.  

In this coaching program, you will learn how to think and act like a business owner.  You will also develop the primary skills and abilities to run and grow your business.  This includes goal setting and planning; making good decisions for using your time and resources; and being able to market your business while you manage the daily operations of your business. 

  • Initial 30 minute orientation and discussion about what you should expect.

  • Extensive business growth strategy diagnostic survey to identify issues and opportunities gaps.

  • A 90 minute strategy session to review the survey and establish a growth road map.

  • 2 hours of coaching each month:  1- 30 minute session each week.

  • All coaching sessions are conducted by phone or Skype.

  • Learning modules, forms, templates and other resources.

  • Spot calls/ emails between sessions for clarifications or dealing with issues.

  • 6 month minimum commitment.


The overriding attribute needed for achieving lasting success is mindset.

A successful business professional must have many personal attributes to reach and sustain success.  Among these are relevant knowledge, access to resources and a winning business mindset.

My underlying strategy is to get you to think differently about your business and your role as the owner.  Most of what holds business professionals back is not skills but the mental desire to take action.  I will help you upgrade your mindset so you can position yourself for continued success.

My coaching program recognizes the importance of developing a winning business mindset.  It’s why I combine mindset upgrades with the other important elements of of business growth- management mastery and marketing strategy.

Once you understand where your mindset is, how it affects your ability to grow your business and what you can do to improve it, you will begin to see results that you have not achieved previously.


"If we did all the things we are capable of, we would literally astound ourselves."

Thomas Edison