Jayson Wolbert is a "Monster Certified" Business Coach.

Monster Producer is an elite, intense coaching program developed by Coach Micheal Burt to focus on the seven unique frameworks of producing at Monster Levels. This course focuses on the biggest missing structures of the entrepreneur and business builder in all facets of their business including sales systems, marketing and positioning, branding, scalability, building teams, visioneering the company, becoming People of Interest, differentiation in saturated markets, and multiplying your business.


This program is designed to take coaching participants through a one year process of monthly coaching, deep accountability, and tools for serious production levels. The course meets one time per month for two hours either “in person” at The Greatness Factory or online at Greatness University. This course is taught by Coach Micheal Burt and "Monster Certified" Coach Jayson Wolbert.  The program also includes four special guest per year of true Elite entrepreneurs who have achieved Legendary Status in their field. The program also offers a variety of accountability mechanisms including a monthly LIVE accelerator with Coach Burt you can participate in at The Greatness Factory or watch online and the online version contains one monthly LIVE session with our accountability team.


Monster Producer is our most elite coaching program and is ideal for entrepreneurs, business builders, solo-preneurs who want to expand, and sales professionals.

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"I own a small party planning business. Jayson has helped me go from making about $500.00 a party to $2000.00 a party. I NEVER thought those rates were possible"

Samantha Jones